Exhibitions of the Navy Museum


Our collections comprise huge steel objects visible from afar, which recall the decks of ships, sea storms, and certain naval battles. However, our archives and exhibitions mainly contain priceless records of people, events, great historical events as well as small episodes.

These are created largely thanks to you - naval staff, their families, and also people passionate about history. We await you every day! The Museum would be extremely grateful if you looked through your family albums of photographs, the nooks and crannies in your homes, cellars, and rarely opened cupboards. The traces of your family history help us reconstruct the shared history of the Polish Navy, its creators, and all those serving under its flag. Our Museum presents the history of the Polish sea, the Polish ensign, seamen's families, and above all, the people who fill its pages. The Museum collects photographs, documents, mementoes, and any objects connected with the Navy. If for sentimental reasons you are unable to part with the original items which are important to your family, we can make copies, create their inventory, and together we can write new chapters of this story. The family lore will become the history of the Polish Navy, of the sea, and of our country. sekretariat@muzeummw.pl