Tadeusz Lesisz. Contrary to Expectations.

Tadeusz Lesisz – a heroic naval officer, architect and member of the Royal Institute of British Architects. A man who led his life against any assumptions.

Tadeusz Lesisz's story takes place on several levels. Warm colours, lines and shapes lead through its individual chapters, the arrangement of which can be associated with both architecture and a family album.

It begins on British soil, on the doorstep of an extraordinary house in Manchester, called the “embassy of Polishness”. At the exhibition we will find souvenirs related to the fascinating but also dramatic fate of the Lesisz family. Next to an elegant Dior coat and an elegant cocktail dress, there is the Virtuti Militari War Order symbolizing the heroic and tragic story of Tadeusz brothers, murdered by the Germans and Soviets.


Then we move to the seas and oceans. We meet T. Lesisz, who as a young Navy cadet who travels the world on ORP Iskra. We see how he grows into an extremely brave officer during World War II and fights in the largest Allied operations, for which he receives a number of decorations and medals. Together with him, we will experience the tragic attack of a German live torpedo on ORP Dragon in Normandy.


The last part of the exhibition introduces us to the world of architecture, which our hero becomes a part of after the war. He creates projects that have earned him numerous awards and membership in the Royal Institute of British Architects. There are also stories about great devotion to the Polish cause and the support that the Lesisz family constantly provided to their compatriots – both in the country and on emigration.


Available to visitors: from June 29 to December 31, 2024.